Our Service

We offer customized international freight forwarding and logistics services on a global scale from any origin point up to any final delivery place. By coordinating traditional freight forwarding with customs clearance at departing and receiving ends, organizing the interfaces and transportation in all the logistics chain, we provide our clients with a true door-to-door service.

From transportation to possible storage of goods all the way to distribution and final delivery, we deliver to our customers efficient and professional services.

Air, Sea, Shipping, Trucking

Freight Forwarding

We offer customized international freight forwarding and logistics services on a global scale from any origin point up to any final delivery place.Benefitting from a global agent network, ILS guarantees the most efficient transportation to the final destination.

ILS offers comprehensive airfreight solutions around the globe. With our professional and experience team your cargo will be treated with a high-standard service.

Our wide service range of air freight shipments - such as express, priority, Door to Door, consolidated or full charter - will definitely match your specific needs.

With our worldwide network your sea freight cargo will be shipped from almost every origin or destination. Through a single point of contact ILS can reduce their client’s administrative burden and are enabling a flexible and customized solution at competitive rates.

With our group member ILS – Agência Marítima we provide the port disbursement accounts, organize port inward/ outward clearance, handle documents and formalities and coordinate on-board visit together with the authorities. Furthermore we are available to assist in operational, technical and maritime questions together with the local competent authorities and qualified entities on our principals’ behalf.

Our services include assistance to crew and technicians, airport attendance, transport, hotel reservation, air-tickets, embarkment/ disembarkment permits. Provisions, fuel and freshwater, as well as surveys, technical or classification inspections are available on request.

Especially for transport solutions across Europe the trucking service enables efficient customizes distribution.

Our service offer ranges from transport packaging, warehousing and domestic & international door-to-door service up to time-sensitive transportation or shipment of hazardous goods.

Project Handling, Supply Chain Management & Others

Project Logistics

ILS acts as reliable partner when it comes to the point of evaluating an efficient, flexible and performance enhancing solution for your logistics project.

The specific needs of our customers are leading our logistics project team to best practice.

Our team is determined to implement an efficient solution while taking all aspects of international trade and financial risks into account. This enables our clients to generate a competitive advantage in their market.

During more than two decades our project team undertook many international project forwarding cases where our team managed non-standard packages by non-standard methods to various destinations all over the globe. The goal of providing the most added-value to our clients, regardless how exceptional the freight characteristics are, is always at the centre of our attention. The following (non-exhaustive) service scan be provided through our project team.  

- Heavy Lifts or non-standard load movements
- Sit inspections and road surveys
- Transport Engineering
- Ship & Aircraft charters

Custom Brokerage, Transport Insurance, African Expert

Additional Service

We put high emphasize on expertise and efficiency to clear goods through the customs.

We are well conversant with the customs regulations for all types of goods and customs regimes applicable for industrial, consumer and retail goods.

Our experienced team will analyse the level of security required for your shipment and consult you in regards to the necessity and possibility of an international insurance coverage to protect you from unforeseen incidents.

If you are seeking for a professional & reliable freight forwarding & logistics partner on the African continent ILS is your partner.

The group was founded as forwarding company with focus on the African continent and did evolve its expertise and service level throughout all the years.

In countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Congo etc. it is essential to have a partner on your side who knows the local frameworks to enable a smooth implementation of your need.